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*NEW* Lockdown Procedurre

Re: Enhancing safety in our school


At Larkspur Primary School, we take safeguarding and safety very seriously. It is important that we continue to review all our procedures, taking into account even those events that are very unlikely to occur. As part of this process, we have introduced a new procedure called “lockdown”.

I am writing to inform you that we will be practicing this procedure before the Christmas Holiday by sounding the lockdown alarm and informing the children of what do in the event of a lockdown situation.


What is a lockdown and when would we carry it out?

A lockdown procedure is a standard health and safety procedure, similar to a fire drill.

Our lockdown procedure would be used when there is a threat to the safety of pupils, staff and others in the school, and when it is safer for everyone to remain in school rather than evacuate. The aim is to keep people safe by confining them to a secure place of safety.

Situations where our lockdown procedure may be used include:

  • A potentially dangerous person or animal on the school site

  • A disturbance or dangerous situation in the local community that could affect the school

  • A nearby chemical incident or other risk of air pollution

  • An incident related to terrorism

    Prior to our drill, staff will take time to talk to pupils about lockdown procedures and explain why they are important. They will reassure pupils after the drill that they are safe, and will emphasise that practicing procedures like this will make sure the school remains a safe place to learn.

    I must stress that this is simply a practice, so that in the unlikely event of such a situation, our pupils and staff are fully prepared.

    If you or your children have any further concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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