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Autumn Term


Welcome to Y6! yes

Its so lovely to have you back in school.  We have already made a great start to the term and settled in incredibly well.  smileyWe have lots of exciting activities planned for the autumn term.  Please read on to find out more...



In English we will be looking at:

  • Spelling, grammar and punctuation work.
  • Our key texts will be: 

Fiction: The Hobbit (J R R Tolkien)

Poetry: Silver (Walter De La Mare) 

Non-fiction: Electricity and Electrical Circuits information texts (Science topic link), factual reading linked to Bridges (Technology topic link) and Raging Rivers (linked to our Geography topic)

  • Focus areas: non-chronological reports (fact books/booklets), character and setting descriptions and settings, building longer texts with cohesion.



In Mathematics we cover:

  • Place Value
  • Mental and written calculations (+, -, x and divide)
  • Fractions
  • Multi step problem solving
  • Tables daily revision
  • Mathematical Reasoning
  • Booster SATS practice sessions 



In science our topics will be:

  • Electricity - exploring circuits with a range of components (linked with technology topic)
  • Light - exploring how the human eye works, how light travels and rainbows




  • Theme: Beliefs and Practices Key Question: What is the best way for a Muslim to show commitment to God? Religion: Islam

  • Theme: Christmas Concept: Incarnation Key Question: How significant is it that Mary was Jesus’ mother? Religion: Christianity 



In ICT we will:

  • Develop our understanding of presentation software including advancing our skills in Powerpoint.
  • Develop skills in communication via email and other communication systems.


Creative Curriculum Theme


In Geography we are going to explore Rivers as part of our River Journeys Project developing knowledge of the water cycle, rivers in the UK and world wide, river life and exploring how rivers are formed.


In History we will explore Crime and Punishment with a particular focus on WW2.


In Art and Design we will link our River Journeys topic work to an exploration our the sea.  We will sketch and paint various fascinating sea creatures, developing skill sin fine art, observation and painting techniques.  We will also sculpt our own 3D sea sculptures.


Technology will focus on the design and creation of our own 'Marble Run' using a range of junk materials and structural engineering techniques.


We will take part in music sessions led by specialist music teacher Mr Parkin who will develop our guitar playing skills and appreciation of a variety of musical genres.


Physical Education

In PE Year 6 will be developing skills in:

  • Basketball/Tag Rugby
  • Dance
  • Daily Mile (extending to beyond the school gates!)
  • Non contact games to improve levels of fitness and have lots of fun.


Modern Foreign Language

Continued Italian lessons with our new Italian teacher.  Content of lessons to be confirmed.

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