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Breakfast Club

Welcome to Our Breakfast Club.


Larkspur School Breakfast Club runs every school morning from 8:00am. 

Our club is available to all children from Early Years to Year 6, free of charge. 

The club is fully supervised at all times. 

We have been very lucky to receive funding from Greggs Foundation again this year.  So a big thanks to Greggs for supporting us. 


On arrival children will be able to help themselves to cereal, toast and fruit juice from 8:00 until 8:30. The children can also choose to have either beans, spaghetti or porridge. 


At 8:35am, KS2 children go onto the school yard for a free play session. At this time the gates are opened and supervised until 8:45am. 

KS1 and Early Years children stay inside doing activities like Kinex, jigsaws and yoga until 8:50am, when they go outside for their free play session until 9am. The KS1 and Early Years gates are opened and supervised from 8:50am until 9am.  




We are visited on a regular basis by our local police officers.  They pop in and have a cuppa and a chat with the children. The children enjoy their chats with Andy and Sam.  They have even radioed each other across the hall.  The children learn lots from Andy and Sam and Andy and Sam learn lots from the children.  This week the children have been showing Andy and Sam how to floss!
This week our visit from Sam and Andy was very informative. We learned all about their safety equipment. The children got inspect their protective vests and even try them on. 
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