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In science we have been learning about plants.  We found that almost all plants need these five things to survive: 

  • Light
  • Air
  • Water
  • Nutrients 
  • Space to grow



We did an experiment to see what happens if seeds do not get all of the things they need.  This was very interesting. 


We also learned about all of the different stages of plant growth. 

Take a look at our amazing video!


Still image for this video

Beech - Science in the Classroom

In Year 2 more work will be done to develop the core scientific skills of observation and investigation. The children work on a different topic each term, designed to encourage them to ask questions about the world around them, and they will be taught the importance of gathering evidence and carrying out experiments. They will begin to learn the importance of planning before they start a task. They will also be thinking of the best ways to present their results. 

Changes of State - Making Jelly

Static Electricity - Making something move without touching it

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