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All places at Larkspur Community Primary School are allocated in accordance with the Local Authority (LA) admissions policy. This is published annually in the Gateshead LA Information for Parents Booklet, which is made available to parents prior to admission.

All information and the online application process for September 2024 can be found by clicking here.


For admissions for the 2024 process, the Gateshead admissions scheme can be found by clicking here.


As part of the induction process, parental meetings are held during the summer term for pupils about to enrol for Reception classes.


For admission to the Reception class, children attend for from 9am – 2pm for the first week allowing the children to get used to the routines as well as providing assessment time for the staff. From the second week, all children attend full time, from 9.00am until 3.15pm.


Nursery Admissions

Depending on the availability of places, children who attain the age of three years during the year are admitted at half termly intervals following their third birthday. A preliminary visit will be arranged followed by attendance on a short session time that is extended to full time over a period that meets the needs of the individual child.




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