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Living Things and Their Habitats - Jane Goodall

We are learning about living things and their habitats for this half terms science topic.  One of our lessons was about Jane Goodall.  

Here are some facts about Jane Goodall. 


Name: Dame Jane Morris Goodall
Born: 3 April 1934
Job: Primatologist, conservationist, campaigner
Known for: Being the first person to study chimps in the wild
Important discoveries: Found that chimpanzees have emotions, use tools and eat meat.


She now runs The Jane Goodall Institute


Click the image above to visit the institute website.


As part of our lesson we created fact files about Jane and her exciting adventures with the chimpanzees. 




















In science, we are studying Earth and Space. Children were learning the names and features of the planets. We cut out the planets and made the solar system model on our page. 

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