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Modern Foreign Languages at Larkspur

We are lucky enough to have our own Italian Teacher in residence at Larkspur.  Our children receive weekly Italian lessons taught by a specialist Italian teacher employed by the Italian Consulate.


Mr Di Felice expertly plans and delivers a bespoke Italian Curriculum which builds on the basics of Italian in Early Years and KS1 to a more progressive understanding of the language in both spoken and written form by the end of KS2.


Teachers and TAs work alongside Mr Di Felice to develop their own knowledge of the Italian language and weave Italian everyday phrases and greetings into their day to day teaching.


Pupils from Reception to Year 2 receive a 30 minute session each week.

Pupils from Year 3 to Year 6 receive a 60 minute session every week.


We also have a weekly Italian Club for KS2 where pupils have the opportunity to explore the Italian Culture through creative activities.  They have even hosted an Italian Coffee Morning!


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