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Science Learning Bus 2019

Science Learning Bus 2019


We were very lucky to have a visit from the learning bus as part of British Science Week this year.  During the visit, each class got the opportunity to board the bus and do some fantastic science learning. 


Why not take a look at the Learning Bus website for further information:

On board the bus all Key Stage 2 classes took part in an egg drop challenge.  The challenge consisted of the children assembling a structure which would keep the egg safe when it was dropped from the upstairs window of the bus.  Everyone was very excited to take in the challenge.

In pairs the children were given a fictional budget of £5 to spend on materials to make their structure.  After discussion and planning materials were bought and each pair began to build their structure.  As they worked they came across problems which were discussed and solutions were found.

Once all structures were complete in was time to safely place the eggs inside and attempt the drop.

It was fascinating to see how the wide range of structures handled the challenge where pairs saw varying degrees of success.

To complete the challenge each class held a discussion on the successes and failures of their drop.  Through these discussions we drew out why some things were successful, why others weren't and where improvements could be made. 


This was a very fun and motivational day of learning at Larkspur.  Everyone involved is already looking forward to our next visit from the Learning Bus.


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