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Year 5 STEM Paper Planes

Year 5 Paper Planes 

This project explores how design adaptations to an aeroplane can affect how far it flies and its ability to carry weight. Using computer-aided design and flight tests, children will explore and develop an aeroplane wing design, trying out a range of materials and modifications, before presenting their final model to a team from REECE Engineering.


Week 1

During this lesson the children found out lots of information about aeroplanes and how they fly.  They then used the sheets given to plan how they would make a paper plane.  

Week 2

This week we have been learning about gravity.  Gravity is the force that all planes are fighting to stay in the air, and is the opposite to lift. The old saying “what goes up must come down” means that you need to create a greater amount of lift than the effect that Gravity is having on your plane Gravity is your biggest challenge in this task!

It was a fantastic challenge and we found it very interesting.  

Week 3
This week we concentrated on materials. The big question was... Which materials are best for planes?  We investigated which materials were better and why. 

Week 4 

Designing a wing was very interesting.  We used a computer programme to plan the best wing to use.  This was very interesting and we found out some fantastic information.  

Week 5

It's building week! Using our computer-aided design we built our planes and used our very own wing designs.  Then we did flight tests. This was very interesting to see which designs and materials worked best. 

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