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Success4All Challenges


Success4All Challenges


A little bit about Success4All (content taken from S4A website)

Success4All started from the ambitions of a teacher, our founder Caroline Afolabi-Deleu, to improve employment chances of her pupils after schools. She saw the gift children and young people had to teach, challenge and learn from each other. Working in the toughest schools in the North East, Caroline saw the incredible potential her pupils had, however many had low self-confidence and low educational aspirations, with many believing that they couldn’t succeed in school. But when working with other children and young people they were able to engage, empower and motivate each other to succeed. Caroline with a group of parents, young people and children, set up our first Learning Hub. Our Hubs have and will always be spaces where children and young people have; a sense of true belonging, safe spaces to make mistakes and grow from them, where they can challenge and motivate each other to achieve their full potential.

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