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The Enormous Turnip - Talk for Writing

KS1 have been learning the story of The Enormous Turnip.  The children have used their talk for writing skills to remember the whole story.  Take a look at how fantastic they are. 


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Just a little look at what we have been doing.

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R.E. - Looking After God's World 

As part of our 'Looking After God's World' topic in R.E. we have been talking about what we can do to make the world a better place.  The children in Year 1 were asked the question - How do you think people should treat the world?  We discussed that people should take more care of the world and it would make it a better place.  The children said they have noticed that people drop litter and that this is not good. 

So we decided to go out and do some litter picking!

We invited Year 6, Jacqui, Mr Ahmed and the Gateshead Housing Company Estate Manager Martin along too.  Martin even brought us some hi-vis vests, litter pickers and gloves to borrow. 

We had great fun and cleaned up the estate too. 



The children from year 1 and 2 took part in a Judo session in the school hall. The event was conducted by Destination Judo.  The children thoroughly enjoyed the event and it it was great exercise for everyone too. 


Below are some photos for you to enjoy.

World Book Day


Today the children dressed up as their favourite book character.  The children came to school dressed in some amazing costumes. 

We all did poetry.  We looked at different, mysterious boxes and thought about what we might put in them.


Below are some photos 

Spring Term

Throughout our English lessons, we will be learning to do lots of different things! Everything that we learn will be done through the Talk4Writing process. This process involves the children learning a piece of text, adapting it and writing their own version.


We were very excited when we walked into the classroom on Monday morning where we found a crime scene! We found footprints, crime scene tape and an ID card. The classroom had been trashed and we had to work out what had happened! We used all of the clues and figured out that it must have been a stone giant! We then went to the hall and found a list of instructions written about 'How to Trap a Stone Giant'. We decided to learn these instructions so that we could trap him and we did! Then we had another problem...


Miss Rutherford received a visit from a water dragon! Miss Rutherford didn't worry though, because she knew that the children in Year 2 could adapt their instructions to trap the water dragon too. This is what we are currently working on.


Pictures to follow.





In Year 2 we have recently used the story 'Not Now Bernard' 


The Blurb 

Bernard's got a problem. He's found a monster in the back garden but his mum and dad are just too busy to notice. So Bernard tries to befriend the monster… and that doesn't go quite to plan.


This is a fun story and the children are really enjoying the work which is based on the book.


Come back soon to see some of our text maps and to see us acting out the story. 

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