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Instruction Writing 

This week we received a very exciting letter.  It was from Albus Potter, that's right, Albus Potter himself!  He told us some very important information and asked for our help.  Obviously we were very excited to be helping Harry Potter's son. 





After a chat with Mrs Bell, we decided this would be a great way to learn instruction writing.  Albus said he needed some new potions to replace some that he made disappear with a cleaning up spell.  I'm sure we can help with this.  



First thing we did was make a text map of the giggle potion that Albus sent us.  We did this because text maps help us remember information. 








After practicing with the text map, we did some role play.  This was great fun!  We pretended to be cooking show presenters and held our own Great British Potion Off.              


Word Class 

Our first activity of the lesson on Tuesday 25th January was finding the time conjunctions, imperative verbs and adverbs in a text.  We highlighted each one in a different colour.  This was just the start of our amazing work!


After that we went into the hall.  We played a game. We were in groups and had to work together to complete some challenges.  The challenges were to collect the right word class from lots of words scattered across the hall.  This was great fun. We love a challenge!




















Autumn 2021

Time Conjunctions

In English the children have been learning about time conjunctions.  Time conjunctions are words that join phrases or sentences together to help us understand when something is happening.

Words such as before, after, next, just then, shortly, afterwards, last, eventually, firstly, secondly, and thirdly, are all-time conjunctions.

In this lesson the children did a practical lesson.  They worked in groups to make letters.. They had great fun working in the school hall. 

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