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Growing Towards Tomorrow


Autumn 2

Newspaper Reports

This half term we have been learning about newspaper reports and what they contain.  

Pompeii Volcano Survivor Hot Seating 


We had a wonderful time hot seating today.   Some of us role played as survivors of the Pompeii disaster, others were journalists of the local newspaper.  
What a great way to learn!




Autumn 1




Stone Trolls 


The Stone Trolls

We have been learning the text by making up actions to remind us.  We are enjoying working together to make the text map. 

The Stone Trolls

On the southern coast of Iceland, near the small village of Vik, there once lived a band of trolls. They were huge, ugly creatures who were feared by humans and hid away underground in the dark caves of the nearby ice covered volcano. All trolls knew that if they ever got caught outside in the daylight, they would immediately be turned to stone. So, each night, under the cover of darkness, they would venture outside to hunt and fish. One stormy night, two mischievous trolls called Skess and Landra perched together on the craggy cliff, watching. Below, the sea bubbled and foamed. Above, the full moon glared down, casting a long shadow across the ebony beach. In the distance, they could hear the low rumble of other trolls, feasting on their hoard of freshly caught fish. Suddenly, Skess jumped up, pointed at the horizon and roared. “Landra, look, a three-masted ship. I think it’s in trouble!” Landra followed his gaze and stared at the magnificent ship, pitching and rolling on the bubbling sea. “Let’s wade out and pull it into shore,” Skess said, setting off down the beach. Landra frowned as it was already very late and the sun rose earlier and earlier in late spring, but then he jumped down from the cliff and followed close behind.



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