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Welcome to Maths at Larkspur


Welcome to our maths page.  At Larkspur our pupils are learning to love mathematics at whatever stage they are at.  For those who struggle a little, we build confidence through regular practise, consolidation and use of apparatus.  For those who excel, we provide challenge through activities that deepen and extend understanding.  Please take a few minutes to learn about maths in our school.  We hope that it excites you as much as it excites us!




Intent, Implementation and Impact


Our intent is that pupils will

  • continue to make progress in number fluency and times table facts
  • be able to reason mathematically by justification or proof using mathematical vocabulary.
  • be able to solve problems by applying their maths knowledge
  • be challenged at greater depth and supported and scaffolded with their learning if they are less able
  • have the experience of all maths topics 


Pupils will be exposed to daily fluency /memory maths which is related to place value and retrieval practise of previous maths topics taught. This practise will take the form of low stake retrieval tasks to avoid maths anxiety.  Tasks will be scaffolded so that children get a sense of achievement. There will be repetition and consolidation so that learning is firmly embedded in their memories.


A deeper focus will be given for pupils to give explanations and prove their answers.  Stem sentences will be used so that children are able to articulate maths more efficiently.  Teachers will  SATS style questions  so that children are regularly exposed to contextual problems.  Talk partners will  to be used so that children learn how to explain, prove and test their answers.

Working walls will display the current maths vocabulary so that children are able to refer to these when working.


Lessons will include greater depth questions for more able pupils and less able pupils will be supported through pre teach lessons and differentiated work.


Our Long Term Plan will be adapted so that all topics will be covered.



The impact of these measures will be shown through an improvement in fluency in number and progress in times table facts.  Children will have covered all maths topics and SATs/ optional SATs will confirm this.

Children’s books will show that more focus is given to problem solving and reasonings and that maths is taught in context.  Children will have the ability to interpret maths questions, demonstrating a sound understanding of the vocabulary used.  Children will be able to explain maths and talk confidently about the work they have done in Pupil Voice.

More pupils will be working at an expected level and we will have a greater number of children at greater depth.

Data will improve regarding SATs/ Optional SATs. 


Maths Vocabulary

Long Term Plan Early Years

Long Term Plans KS1 and KS2

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