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Welcome to our Inclusion Page. We hope you will find all the information you need. If not, please feel free to pop into school and speak to one of the inclusion team members, or call 0191 4875628.

Larkspur Inclusion Team

Mrs Claire Anderson - SENCO

Mrs Jaqui Nesbitt - Family Liason





Mrs Anderson has recently taken over the role of SENCO.


As part of the government’s reforms around special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) and with the introduction of the new code of Practice in September 2014, local authorities are required to publish a local offer showing the support available to disabled children and young people and those with SEND and their families and carers.


Further information around Gateshead Council’s Local Offer can be found at:


The SEN Governor: Mrs Jean Suthren

Responsible for

  • Making sure that the necessary support is given for any child with SEND who attends Larkspur.

Mrs Suthren meets termly with Mrs Anderson (SENCO),  to discuss provision developments and how best to improve the provision in school for pupils with SEND. Mrs Anderon also reports back to governors each term.


Information about Special Educational Needs & Disabilities (SEND) at Larkspur Primary School can be found in the SEND Information Report.


Check out this great animation created by pupils at Larkspur to describe the importance of being able to fidget and chew in the classroom.

EAL - English as an Additional Language

The term EAL is used when referring to pupils where the mother language at home is not English. This policy sets out the School's aims, objectives and strategies with regard to meeting the needs and celebrating the skills of EAL pupils and helping them to achieve the highest possible standards.

Gifted and Talented

What does 'gifted and talented' mean?

'Gifted and talented' is a term used to describe children who have the potential to develop significantly beyond what is expected for their age.

'Gifted' refers to a child who has abilities in one or more academic subjects, such as English or maths. 'Talented' refers to a child who has skills in a practical area such as music, sport or art.

Should you have any queries regarding SEN provision at Larkspur Primary School please contact us on 0191 4875628

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