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Division - by Sharing 


We have been learning to divide by sharing amounts. We watched this video to explain the difference between sharing and grouping. 


Division as sharing and grouping

We used the information from the video and practiced with our partners.  This was good as we could see straight away if we had made a mistake. 


Then we worked on our own and used mini whiteboards to work out the division by sharing answers. 

Column Addition and Subtraction


Column addition and subtraction can be very tricky.  We have been learning how to use place value charts and counters.  This shows us how exchanging works and why we exchange. 



We worked in pairs and took turns to use the chart and counters while the other partner did the writing on a mini whiteboard.  


Addition with exchanging: 





Partitioning is a useful way of breaking numbers up so they are easier to work with.

The number 634 can be broken down into hundreds, tens and ones. 6 hundreds, 3 tens and 4 ones.

The number 78 can be broken down into 7 tens and 8 ones or 60 and 18.

However you break the number down, it will make maths easier!



We used Base10 to help us.  This helped us to see the 100s 10s and 1s in each number. 






































We have been learning about fractions in Birch class.  We have been learning about unit fractions, non-unit fractions and equivalent fractions. 

Place Value

In maths, the children in Birch class have been learning more about place value.  They have been using place value charts and counters to work out some addition questions.   

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