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Anti-bullying Week 

Monday 16th November 2020 was the beginning of anti-bullying week.  In school we did ‘Odd Sock Day’.  Mrs Liddle did an online assembly to talk to us about this very important topic. 

Our topic this term is 'Aiming High'. 

In this unit of work, children will focus on achievements, aspirations and opportunities. They will start by discussing achievements they have accomplished so far and the type of attitude that helps us succeed. They will also learn about their own personal preferred learning styles, to understand how they learn best. Children will look at challenges people face and barriers to success, then think about strategies we can use to overcome such obstacles. They will identify opportunities that are available to them now and those which may be available to them in the future. Stereotypes in the world of work will be addressed, as children are encouraged to consider jobs they would like to do and the skills needed to do those jobs. The children will also have the opportunity to reflect on their personal goals and the steps they can take to achieve these in the future.

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