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Spring 2 - Ball Skills

This half term our P.E. is ball skills.  


The key skills we will be learning are: 



  • Physical: rolling, kicking, Physical: throwing, catching, bouncing, dribbling
  • Social: co-operation, communication, leadership, supporting others
  • Emotional: honesty, perseverance, challenging myself
  • Thinking: using tactics, exploring actions


Over the last few weeks we have enjoyed learning all of the key skills needed to be great at ball skills. 


Spring Term 1 - Dance

This term we have been creating a dance about Toys.

At midnight the toys come alive.  They enjoy moving around the toy room, moving quickly, moving slowly, moving high, moving low.  Some toys have soft, flowing and gentle movements.  Some toys are spikey, jagged and stomping.

We have the monsters, the robots, the ballet dancers, the toy soldiers and the cowboys and cowgirls.

Enjoy watching our dance in the Video Resource Centre and see if you can identify the toys from the movements.


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