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Larkspur Community Primary School

Growing Towards Tomorrow

School Values



At Larkspur Community Primary School we aim to provide children with a stimulating, creative and challenging learning environment.

Each individual is to be valued and is to be given the opportunity to develop a positive self-image and self-discipline.  This will lead to mutual respect.

Pupils will be self-motivated, independent learners.  Their successes will continue into adulthood.




In order to achieve our vision we will:

  • Give children access to a creative curriculum
  • Maintain a high standard of teaching and learning as a basis for high achievement.
  • Provide a high quality environment in which pupils learn and develop successfully.
  • Value the experience and expertise that the wider community offer us to enhance pupil's learning and raise aspirations.
  • Maintain high standards of behaviour and discipline.
  • Provide a healthy and safe working environment.
  • Nurture social, cultural and moral awareness.
  • Encourage links with parents and the community.


Recently, all the children (Y 1 to Y 6) were invited to share and discuss their ideas for improving the schools mission statement. The children were divided into their house groups in mixed ages, where they were asked to consider what Larkspur means to them.

We had some fantastic responses. 


Below are some examples:


What does growing towards tomorrow mean to you? 

  • Improving everyday
  • Getting better skills to help us when we're grown-up
  • We're growing everyday
  • Learning something new everyday
  • Growing in confidence
  • Like a tree of knowledge
  • Growing in resilience

If we were to have a different motto - what might it be?

  • Progressive knowledge towards tomorrow
  • Our school rocks
  • Every second counts
  • Never give up
  • Growing the roots of confidence

How do you feel to be part of Larkspur Primary School?

  • Friendship
  • Caring
  • Healthy and safe
  • Happy and joyful
  • Proud
  • Loved and respected
  • Over the moon
  • Excited for the new journey

What things do we do well?

  • Helping people
  • Never give up on anyone
  • Everyone is included
  • Lovely caring teachers
  • We all care for each other
  • Help us make new friends

What do we need to change?

  • Afternoon breaks
  • More boy teachers
  • More visitors like Billy Bob Buttons
  • More after school clubs
  • More playground equipment
  • New school uniform

Anything else?

  • Bring back prime time on a Friday
  • More i-pads and computers
  • No school uniform
  • Larkspur is perfect as it is!


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