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Information for parents following 17th May easing of restrictions in England

Rapid COVID-19 testing for parents

COVID-19 Procedures & Protocols During February Half Term

Having Covid 19 Symptoms

COVID-19 UPDATE – 2nd November 2020

I would like to thank our parents and carers for their support during the very challenging first half term. Staff and governors were very pleased to welcome back all our children in September.


From Thursday 5th November the Government will take certain measures to reduce the growth in the number of COVID-19. However, schools, colleges and universities will stay open. For further information please see government guidance


It remains very important for our children to attend school, to support their wellbeing and education. Unfortunately, we are all still working within an environment where the virus is prevalent and so we will continue to work together for the safety of everyone.


Having Symptoms

It is essential that where children or household members display one of the COVID-19 symptoms, that the household self-isolates and a test is organised for the symptomatic individual, as soon as possible.


The three COVID-19 symptoms are:

High Temperature 

New Persistent Cough 

Loss of Smell and Taste 


If your child has any of these symptoms, you must:

· Keep your child and any siblings at home

· Book a test

· Notify school immediately (see below to see how to do this)

When you inform school, we will be able to clarify isolation periods and return dates although this should be supported by results from tests that parents/carers organise.


Contacting School

During the Week

If your child or a member of their household has symptoms, please contact the school office on 0191 487 5628 to inform them of:

· Who is unwell? (A parent may have symptoms and therefore children need to be self-isolating).

· What their symptoms are and when they began

· When the test has been organised for

· Once the test result has been returned, we will need to know the following:

o The outcome of the test - positive or negative result

o If the test is positive for a child, when symptoms started (this allows us to trace close contacts)


Weekend or Holiday Periods

Over these periods, we will require information about symptomatic household members and positive tests so that we can manage the absence period for your child but potentially manage the sharing of information which may lead to close contacts having to self-isolate (e.g. class bubbles and staff members).


If your child or a household member becomes symptomatic or receive a positive test result on a weekend or holiday, please use the school’s Facebook page to leave an in-box message. In the post please detail the following:

· Name of adult contacting us

· Phone number to contact the adult on

· Name of child

· Year Group/Class

· Name of person who is having a test/has tested positive

· Date the test was taken, and the positive test was received

· Date that symptoms began


Please note that this information will not be seen on our Facebook Page and will only be accessed by School Staff.



The action taken will depend on various factors and will be implemented after consultation with Public Health England. However, our responsibility will be to inform parents/carers as quickly as possible if a class/bubble needs to self-isolate in order to protect families and the wider community.


This means that contact may happen via text message during weekends and holiday periods. If this happens, it is essential that you follow the guidance.


Thank You

We know that this is an immensely difficult time, but your support and understanding are very much appreciated in our work to keep our school safe.

Mrs Margaret R Liddle







Packed Lunches for Free School Meals (FSM) 



A local Golf club have kindly agreed to supply 50 packed lunches and Morrisons a further 30 packed lunches each day. You can access a packed lunch for your child via Larkspur House. Larkspur House are there to help and support you, in a wide range of things.




The Council has made the decision to continue to support pupils who are entitled to a FSM (not universal FSM) throughout the half term holidays through the Community Hubs.


Any family who receives FSM can request a food pack with ingredients to make lunches throughout half term. Support can be requested online ( or via telephone (0191 433 7112).

Covid 19 Protocols and Procedures During Half Term

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