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Year 1 - Juniper

                             Welcome to my class



Hi Mrs Mills here... 

I started my time at Larkspur as a student teacher. I started as the Year 4 teacher in January 2006.  I have taught Year 1 for many years and then did 2 years in year 4 again.  Over the years I have taken children an many trips and adventures including the dance festival. I like getting to know the children and their parents. I believe this builds a good relationship and helps the children to progress in school. 

I have 3 grown up children, 2 sons and a daughter. I also have 2 amazing grandsons who I love to spend time with. During my spare time I like to knit and I also enjoy socialising with my family and friends. 

At Larkspur Primary School, we teach Year 1 through a play-based ‘Negotiated Curriculum’. The curriculum offers children a mix of adult led and child led learning opportunities. This is in response to a number of aims:


  •  To build on the quality of independent learning children acquire through their time in the foundation stage;


  •  To create life-long learners with the  motivation to engage in learning opportunities;
  • To create systems that accurately assess the acquired knowledge, skills and concepts of our children so that planning can reflect the individualised learning needs and styles of the children;
  • Inclusive practice that helps every individual child to meet their learning potential regardless of gender, belief system, culture or language;



In Year 1, Phonics, Maths and some elements of English skills are taught discretely.


Every other subject is taught through a play-based, negotiated curriculum, which is linked to a carefully chosen topic. Play provides opportunities for children to experience learning in a meaningful and purposeful way, allowing them to develop the skills needed to become effective learners whilst developing their own time management.



Each day, children learn through either a small group adult led activity, child-led investigation, or by choosing from a Challenge. The learning environment consists of different areas both inside and outside the classroom, including the outdoors.


 A continuous provision has many benefits. Our children enjoy learning and are active and engaged throughout the whole day. They are involved within their learning as they have the choice about the activity they want to focus on and the peers they can work with at that point in the day. As there are no restrictions on the areas they can use, the free movement gives children of different learning styles a more enabling environment.

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