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Staff Training

Music Training - The Model Music Curriculum

Staff enjoyed a music session led by our Music Coordinator Miss Hall to introduce them to the new model curriculum for music and explore what this means for their music teaching and learning in their classrooms.


Focus was given to ensuring each class has an area dedicated to music making and the development of music knowledge and understanding.  Staff looked at the expectations for their current cohorts and discussed how best to achieve these goals.


Support was given to the staff regarding new knowledge and skills, particularly around composition and musical notation.


All KS2 pupils have music books to record their musical ideas and weekly sessions in.  EY and KS1 classes have a dedicated music floor book to capture their music curriculums.

Charanga was explored further with thought given to devising an even more bespoke music curriculum.


Staff then developed their music theory with a glockenspiel session together!

Art Skills Development

Mrs Wilding has been developing her own printmaking skills this term.  She has attended a print making workshop led by a print specialist from Culture Bridge Arts Organisation.  Following the session Mrs Wilding has enjoyed sharing these new skills with our KS2 classes during our We Love Larkspur Day.  Take a look at our first experimental prints...

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