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Apparatus in School

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Using concrete resources (apparatus) in maths

Concrete resources, also known as manipulatives, are physical objects that children can pick up and manipulate to improve their maths knowledge. Used in maths education, a variety of concrete maths resources can help children to understand the relationship between numbers and the number system.

Numicon - Numicon is a wonderful resources used throughout our school.  It can be used for many different maths tasks.  

Numicon is an approach to teaching maths that helps the children to see connections between numbers. It supports them as they learn early maths skills in nursery and primary school. It is a multi-sensory way of learning, which means the children learn by seeing and feeling.



Place Value Counters - Place value counters are perfect for transitioning children from concrete learning, through to pictorial learning. They are invaluable for teaching all four operations and particularly helpful for multiplication and division.


Base Ten - Base Ten is simply the numbering system we use around the world, also known as the decimal system. Base Ten is widely recognised as a preferred teaching resource for place value, but also for demonstrating early addition, subtraction and algebra.  




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