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Home Learning

Home Learning:

Suggested Daily timetable for Nursery Children



Look out of the window- what is the weather like today?

What day of the week is it? Make a calendar of the month and cross off the days.

Can they help to choose their clothes? Why do they like those clothes? Why have they chosen those? Do they match the weather? How? Can they dress themselves?


Make something together- with junk/Lego/bricks/craft/cooking- or make up a new song or dance! Video it.

Create a drawing about last night’s story/write a letter/write a shopping list.



Try new fruits or vegetables- describe how they look/feel/taste. Remember to let your children see you eating these things.

Count at every chance- stairs/snacks/jumps/cutlery.

Get some energy out! Do some dancing or exercise! If you have a garden- do some gardening, find some bugs to look at and talk about, or play out. If not, have you been going out for your 1 hour’s exercise?


Sing some of our phonics/letter songs.

Sing some of our number songs.




Can they help with dinner? Can they butter the bread, peel the carrots or wash the salad? Are they trying new foods?

Are you phoning friends/relatives? Can they have a chat on the phone?

Play in the bath- talk about which container would hold the most/least water. Test it. Talk about it.




Sing favourite songs before bed- use our song sheets.


Read a story before bed. Talk about the pictures. Follow the text with your finger as you read. Find the first letter of your child’s name, “Look, there’s your…”


Suggested timetable for Reception Children


As we know children thrive with a routine and structure to follow, this may help your children complete their home learning more easily. Early Year’s pupils also need play opportunities. This will give them time to develop their own ideas, get some of their energy out and help them to focus better for their next focussed learning session.



SubjectSuggested Activities


09.00 – 9.30  

LiteracyWednesday Read ‘Little Red Riding Hood’. Discuss unfamiliar vocabulary: forest, groceries, bluebells, ajar, woodcutter.  
Discuss with your children what they liked and disliked about the story. Note down what they say.
Thursday-Reread ‘Little Red Riding Hood’. Children to sequence the story using the LRRH Sequencing pictures included in the pack. Can they retell the story as they complete the activity?  
Friday Reread ‘Little Red Riding Hood’. Act out the story indoors or outdoors, such as whilst on a walk.
09.45 –10:00PhonicsWednesday Watch the video for the sound /s/:  

Practise /s/ in the air – What items can you find in your house that begin with the sound /s/?

Thursday Recap /s/:  

Sort objects into 2 groups: those that begin with the sound /s/ and those that do not. Practise writing /s/ - with a pencil, in glitter, sand or sugar!

Friday Watch the video for the sound /a/:  


Practise /a/ in the air - a, a, a, a, apple  

What items can you find in your house that begin with the sound /a/?

PlayThis is an opportunity for your child to choose something that they would like eg: puzzles, building, construction, painting, drawing, playdough, craft activities, role play, small world animals, dolls house etc.
10.30 - 10.45Break Drink and snack and movement break
10.45 -11.15Maths  
11:15-11:30PlayIf your child did not get a chance to finish something they were working on earlier, then let them continue now. If not, then encourage them to play with something different now, try make something new. Children like repetition and sometimes need encouragement to adapt their play or to try new things that may seem challenging.
11.35– 12.05Activities linked to story
Cut and stick treats for Little Red Riding Hood to take to Grandma’s. You can use the LRRH’s Basket resource provided or make your own. If you need help, cutting using scissors, ask an adult!
• Build the route that Little Red Riding Hood takes through the wood from her house to Grandma’s, using construction blocks. What does she see on the way? Who is lurking behind the trees?
• Create your own basket of goodies! Decorate it by threading some ribbon or string through it. Can you make a pattern using 2 different colours?
• Make a Little Red Riding Hood puppet to help you retell the story. You could use a wooden spoon, a lolly pop stick or cardboard for the puppet frame.
• Memory game: pack some items in a basket ready to take to Grandma’s (e.g. an apple, a banana, a book, a bottle of water, a cake, a pencil, a pen and a mobile phone) Show your child what is in the basket, cover the basket with a cloth and ask your child to recall what was in the basket. Challenge by adding more items or taking an item away – then your child has to work out what is missing! Perhaps the Big Bad Wolf took it!!

12.35– 13.30LunchLunch – Time outside if possible to get some fresh air. 
13.30 – 14.30Topic,
Physical development

Find out about Autumn. Ask your grown-ups, look it up in books or on the internet. Look outside your window or in the garden if you have one. How do we know it is Autumn? Can you create something that shows it is Autumn? You might want to paint a picture, make a Autumn leaf garden in a box or make a model of a hedgehog.
And calm down with some yoga

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