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Creative Curriculum

Geography - Hot and Cold Countries


In spring term we have been learning about hot and cold countries.  We found found out lots of information about Antarctica.  Did you know it is the coldest, windiest and driest place on Earth! We had so much fun making our very own small world Antarctica.   We then found out about Africa.  We discovered it has desserts, rainforests and huge waterfalls.  We imagined we had been there to visit and wrote postcards home.  As we were now experts on Antarctica and Africa we pretended to be weather forecasters!

History - Toys from the past


In Autumn term we found out about toys from the past.  We started our topic with a toy tea party to discover what toys we like to play with now.  We looked at how the toys we have played with have changed since we were babies and put this onto a timeline.  We found out about the types of materials that toys were made from in the Victorian era and how they were more expensive as they were often handmade.


In spring term we received a special box from Boxes of Delights it was full of Victorian Toys.  We were fascinated to see how different they looked from toys today and how heavy they were!  We discussed how delicate and special they were and promised to take really good care of them.


Design and Technology - Paper Toys


Look at the fabulous paper toys we have designed and made this Autumn Term!



In Spring Term we have explored Dips and Dippers.  We tasted lots of types to discover which ones we liked and which we didn't. We then designed our own Dips and Dippers for an Easter party.  We made sure they were healthy with a mix of ingredients from different food groups.  

In Summer Term we have designed and made seaside moving pictures.  We practised using different mechanisms such as levers, wheels and sliders.  

RE - Shabbat

In Summer Term we have been learning all about the Jewish celebration of Shabbat.  The children really enjoyed learning all about this important celebration.  We decided to hold our very own Shabbat celebration, in class, on  a Friday afternoon.  We started by working together to clean the classroom, we made sure all our work was completed (as there is no work to be done during Shabbat) and then we laid the table.  We ensured we had some Challah bread which was covered by a special cloth and we shared our blessings that we had written.  We then shared some food and enjoyed spending time together playing games and dancing.  What a lovely afternoon we had!

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