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Creative Curriculum

School Nurse Visit - We scrub up well!

Year 6 are getting to grips with their personal hygiene. The school nurse reminded us of the importance of keeping our bodies healthy with daily care essentials.  We even got to examine headlice under a magnifying glass!!! 

Musical Inventions

Year 6 are enjoying creating their own Daily Mike sing with Mr Parkin our music specialist. We’ve had to learn some tricky chords but are beginning to crack it! 

Warhol Inspirations

Children have enjoyed working with watercolours to create this exciting observational pictures. They took inspiration from Warhol’s digital art to captured these great photographically art pieces and paint this detailed leave pictures. 


Volcano Creations


We have worked collaboratively to create some magnificent volcanic structures that we hope to use to create a live volcanic like reaction in!  Keep posted to see their progress - paper macheing takes a long time!

How To Make a Volcano

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