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Creative Curriculum

Take a look at what we've been up to in our Creative Curriculum...

2023-2024 Creative Curriculum

Elder class love being creative.  Our Curriculum is packed with lots of arts opportunities.  Art and design sessions, music lessons, singing with our Pimlico Opera teacher, guitar sessions with Mr Parkin, visiting artists and musicians from North Writing North and even our Jazz musicians in residence.  Take a look at some of the many projects carried out with our class…


Our first art topic - Let the Light Shine captured some brilliant lantern sketches. We certainly have some talented artists...

Black History Month Art inspired by Lois Mailou Jones















Last Year's Classroom Archive

Spring Term Curriculum

Over the course of the Spring term we will explore the topic North America. We will develop greater understanding of the geography of North America, it’s climate, biomes and places of interest. Our art work will look at the textile patterns of North American cultures. 

Our Creative Curriculum

This term we are trialling the beginning of our more ‘Negotiated’ style curriculum. Our overarching topic is ‘Raging Rivers’.  This has allowed us to make links between our Geography Rivers study, our Art Sea project and English Shire study.


Below are just some of the exciting activities we have been involved in.  We have been able to develop new skills and knowledge creatively as the projects have evolved, developing more independence, knowledge, skills and understanding.

Art activities with inspiration from Joanne Wisart, local acrylic artist.

Geography Rivers Project

Rainbow Day - what a colourful time!

Today children have enjoyed developing running stitch skills using blinks and embroidery threads.  After a couple of knotty situations we are really improving our skills. We have also enjoyed learning about toys of the past and create some wonderful purple feather collages for a whole school Rainbow Angel art creation.

World War Rationing
Pupils enjoyed making a ration style soup using vegetables and stock.  They understand more about how food was limited during WWII and that ration books were used to control individual food portions.

Live Music.....not a thing of the distant past

Year 6 enjoyed a fabulous morning of live music as part of our musical workshop morning. They were treated to a host of music from across the decades and some Disney classics.  We used body percussion to keep tempo and even got the chance to play with the band on guitar.





School Nurse Visit - We scrub up well!

Year 6 are getting to grips with their personal hygiene. The school nurse reminded us of the importance of keeping our bodies healthy with daily care essentials.  We even got to examine headlice under a magnifying glass!!! 

Musical Inventions

Year 6 are enjoying creating their own Daily Mike sing with Mr Parkin our music specialist. We’ve had to learn some tricky chords but are beginning to crack it! 

Warhol Inspirations

Children have enjoyed working with watercolours to create this exciting observational pictures. They took inspiration from Warhol’s digital art to captured these great photographically art pieces and paint this detailed leave pictures. 


Volcano Creations


We have worked collaboratively to create some magnificent volcanic structures that we hope to use to create a live volcanic like reaction in!  Keep posted to see their progress - paper macheing takes a long time!

How To Make a Volcano

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