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Growing Towards Tomorrow


Key Question: Was it always easy for Jesus to show friendship?

In spring term we have been listening to some bible stories about Jesus showing friendship.  We read the stories Zacchaeus, Stilling the storm and Mary and Martha.  We had great fun acting out the story of Zacchaeus!


Key Question: Does God want Christians to look after the world?


In Autumn term we were exploring the Creation Story and what it means for Christians.  We made our own creations and discussed how we would want them to be looked after or treated.  How would we feel if they were mistreated or disrespected? 

We then explored the Creation Story.  We made our very own Creation Story wheels to help us remember the key events and retell it to our friends.  We related this back to our creations. We realised that this story helps Christians to understand how special the world is and that God would want them to look after his creation.


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