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Growing Towards Tomorrow


This half term reception class will be learning about animals and their habitats.  We will be creating fact files and reading stories about different animals.  There will be lots of investigations going on and lots of fun facts to be found!


This half term nursery will be learning about space.  They will be learning about space, reading 'Whatever Next?' and making space rockets.  There will be lots of role play and maybe even making a huge rocket!

Come back for some fantastic photos of our progress. 




We have got a very special activity happening in our school soon...

We are hatching our own chicks!


Our eggs will arrive: 26th February 2024 

Our eggs will hatch from: 29th February 2024

Our chicks will be leaving us on: 8th March 2024 
































































This week we hosted a Easter arts and craft session for our parents. 

This week was British Science week , we have been taking part in some fun experiments, how plants absorb water, the different types of materials and their magnetic properties, sorting objects into what grows on trees and what is man made, and Floating and sinking.

In Numeracy this week we have been developing our fine motor skills using tweezers and marbles, we have also been working on our Number bonds to ten using Cereal. 

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