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Subject Resourcing

Art Mood Boards

For every art unit, a set of mood boards have been created to act as a great 'hook' to the start of a topic.  Teachers use these inspirational posters to elicit pupil discussion around a range of different artworks including many examples of modern art, BAME artists, local artists and artists of historical and social interest.  Pupils have the opportunity to discuss work in relation to the visual elements and given time to develop an appreciation of a range of artworks.  We encourage our pupils to 'Talk like an Artist' through the use of key vocabulary and reflective, thoughtful discussions.  Take a look at the art mood boards below:

Technology Design and Make Process

Every teacher is encouraged to adopt the same format when embarking on a Technology Unit of work.  Children will be required to initially explore a 'Design Brief' giving them a sense of understanding and purpose to the project.  Following this children will develop initial ideas, carry out market research and construction research; study existing designers, chefs, craftspeople; develop and explore their ideas and create a final design.  They will be given opportunities to experiment with making their product through a careful process of exploration and evaluation.  Their final product may be a prototype.  Pupils will be encouraged to evaluate throughout the project.  Please see examples of the Design, Make and Evaluate Process below:

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