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Phonics Curriculum

Our Phonics Curriculum


At Larkspur we follow the Floppy's Phonics synthetic phonics programme.  This is a step-by-step and flexible DfE validated phonics programme that engages children in reading from the outset, developed by highly respected phonics expert Debbie Hepplewhite MBE.  Our teachers and teaching assistants are all fully trained in the effective delivery of this programme.


The Floppy’s Phonics programme teaches the letter/sound correspondences of the English alphabetic code explicitly and comprehensively for reading, spelling and handwriting:


  • Systematic and structured with inbuilt rigorous revision to ensure the success of every child
  • Includes the characters of Floppy the dog, Biff, Chip and Kipper and their family and friends, with hundreds of colour pictures to engage children fully for the phonics teaching & learning, vocabulary enrichment and language comprehension
  • Rigorous teaching sequence ensuring the phonics teaching & learning is straightforward, effective and allows for differentiation in simple, but effective, ways
  • Builds up knowledge of spelling word banks over time where words are spelt with the same letter/s-sound correspondences.


All EY and KS1/targeted KS2 children have access to Floppy's Phonics Online to help them practice and consolidate their reading skills by using the Extra Practice Zone.  Your child will have been given their class login details.  Please see your child's class teacher should you have any difficulties.


Your child's home reader is phonics based and sits alongside the work your child does each day at school.  Regular practice of sounds and reading together at home will help support your child's progress.


Phonics Screening Test 

The Phonics Screening Test is a short phonics assessment. The first Phonics Screening Test took place in June 2012.  The Phonics Test is a compulsory test. It takes place in the second week of June at the end of Year 1.  It is part of the national curriculum assessment programme. There is only one Year One phonics test.  The Phonics Screening Test seeks to test whether children have learned to decode words using phonics to the required level.   Children are expected to sound out and blend graphemes to read simple words. They are also required to read phonically decodable one-syllable and two-syllable words.


Children can fail the Phonics Screening Test. If a child fails the Phonics Screening Check then they are required to take it again at the end of Year 2.


Should you require any further information regarding phonics please contact your child's class teacher or Miss Graham.


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