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Meerkat Mail

Sunny lives on an arid plain with his extensive and loving meerkat family; they work together, play together and together do their best to stay away from jackals! But Sunny is starting to feel claustrophobic and decides to set off to stay with his mongoose cousins and explore the outside world.



When we arrived in school on Thursday 21st September something very strange had happened in our classroom.  There was lots of huge muddy footprints around the room and lots of mess!


Who had been in our classroom? 

We looked around for clues. 









What could this mean? 


Who is M?








Inside of the envelope was a sheet of paper.  Mrs Bell read it to the class. 





































Click the image to watch the short movie

When it all seems blue, happiness may be close by...


We are creating our very own fantasy narratives about the short movie, Bubbles.  

















We are learning about Traction Man!


The blurb from the Traction Man is Here book says...

 Traction Man always saves the day with aplomb. One day, though, his confidence takes a severe knock when Granny knits him an all-in-one green wool outfit with matching cap. Transformed in an instant from combat cool to sartorial nightmare, can Traction Man ever be a superhero again?


We are looking forward to reading this book. 


We have been using the book Tuesday for our talk for writing this half term.  


Tuesday is an almost wordless picture book for children. A Short Synopsis of the Story: 'Tuesday' is the tale of a series of animal invasions that strike at a particular time and place, namely Tuesday evening at around eight o'clock in a small suburb. Frogs invade the skies in hundreds of thousands, flying along on lily pad aircraft. 


The children went on to writing their own versions of 'Tuesday'.  They made up stories called Monday.  This was about everyone going to the beach. Then Friday which was about elephants at the fairground. 

Lila and the Secret of the Rain


We have been reading the story Lila and the Secret of the Rain. We used the village setting for

our T4W.  

We have been learning our text map.  We worked together to think of actions to help us remember the information. 







































The Great Fire of London

This term we are learning to write a non chronological report about the Great Fire Of London.  To help us to do this we use Talk 4 Writing.  We draw a text map to help us to remember the sentences and what we will write.  We act out the text and this also helps us to keep the sentences in our head.  

After this we look at the spellings, punctuation and grammar in the text and then off we go writing.

Here is an example of text map and the learning that we do.


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