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Extra-Curricular After School Clubs

At Larkspur, we are very lucky to have a range of extra-curricular clubs running each term. Please see the information below for what is on offer this year.

All clubs run from 3:15 - 4:15. Children must be collected at the main entrance at 4:15.

Summer 1

Tuesday - Multi-sports (Y1-Y3)

Wednesday - Relax Kids (Y1-Y6)

Wednesday - Tennis (KS2)

Thursday - Archery (KS2)

Friday - Tag-Rugby (KS2)

Spring 2

Tuesday - Football (Y1-Y6)

Wednesday - Dance (KS2)

Thursday- Singing (Y1-Y6)

Thursday - Archery (KS2)

Friday - Hockey (KS2)

Spring 1

Tuesday - Dodgeball (Y1-Y6)

Wednesday - Dance (KS2)

Wednesday - Scratch Computer Club (Y1-Y6)

Thursday - Futsal (Y1-Y6)

Friday - Badminton (KS2)

Autumn 2

Tuesday - Gymnastics (Y1-Y6)

Wednesday - Karate (KS2)

Wednesday - Cooking (KS1)

Thursday - Dance (Y1-Y6)

Friday - Table Tennis (KS2)

Autumn 1

Tuesday - Ball Games

Friday - Basketball 

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