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For Hindus, Brahman is God or the Supreme Being. Brahman is beyond human understanding. However, Hindus try to explain Brahman through understanding the Hindu scriptures. There are various interpretations, but the main descriptions of Brahman are Nirguna and Saguna.



Year 3 and Year 5 have been learning about Hinduism.  

Take a look at the wonderful work they have been doing. 


During summer term, Year 3 created dice with their face on each side.  They wrote their different roles in life under the photo. For example a friend, a sister, a brother, a cousin, brownie, scout, dancer etc. This reinforced that there is only one of them and whilst they are different things to different people, they are still themselves.


Year 5 did the same activity during spring term.  This shows how they have changed since year 3 and also shows the different whys they see themselves. 


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