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Negotiated Curriculum

In Maths we are enjoying 'doing a bit of everything'. 

Every day we  do Daily Ten to develop our fluency skills.  Then we do Fluent in Five which helps us to solve problems using pictures and apparatus.

We have a short maths session and then we are off to do our Challenges for the Week.


Our challenges:


  • Fluency so that we regularly practise our number bonds  and Time Tables
  • ICT,  which help us to consolidate things that we have learned in lesson time.  We use Mathletics and Numbots. 
  • Practical Maths which helps us to apply what we have learned in real life
  • Games which help us to revise times tables and number work and have fun
  • Art and Crafts which we link to our maths.
  • Activity Sheets for added practise of skills

This is an example of our Maths Challenges


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