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FDP Monopoly - embedding our knowledge of this tricky concept

Perimeter and area treasure trial - applying our maths knowledge through fun and meaningful contexts

Multiplying and Dividing by Powers of 10


























Spring Term Maths Learning...


During the course of the Spring term pupils will be engaged in a series of practical maths sessions to ensure the concepts taught in the Autumn Term 'stick'.  Sticky knowledge sessions and factual/process retrieval sessions are vital to ensure children hold the knowledge and are able to apply it in their daily arithmetic and problem solving sessions.

Key focuses for this term will include:

Ratio and Propertion


Decimals and Percentages

Problem solving in real life contexts


Pupils will also receive Booster sessions after school every Tuesday to support Catch Up and revisit tricky mathematical concepts and recap on previous learning.



Order of Operation Scavenger Hunt
Children have enjoyed exploring the use of brackets to arrive at a target answer.  They had to consider the order of operations to crack the code.

Autumn Term Mathematics Activities...

Children in Year 6 have made an excellent start to the year with great daily Fluent in 5 results.  They clearly have a good understanding of place value.  During Autumn 1 we will explore:

  • Negative Numbers
  • Numbers to 10,000,000 (yes - that's a BIG number)
  • Rounding numbers (can be tricky!)
  • Roman Numerals   

 Click on the links below to support you with these new concepts...


Last Year's Classroom Archive
What an exciting start we have had to our first half term in year 6.  Our pupils love to be challenged and have enjoyed a series of fun learning activities to help support their number fluency and confidence in maths.  Take a look at what they’ve been up to...

Settling down to Maths Challenges

Year 6 are busy using formal methods to solve missing number problems. Tricky stuff!

FDP Hands on Challenge

Children love working together to race against the clock in this equivalence activity. Tricky concepts made easy! 

Hands on Learning


Year 6 have enjoyed working with their talk partners to explore and develop understanding across a range of tricky maths concepts.  This has encouraged more in depth thinking with communication skills developing through reasoning and problem solving.

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