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Growing Towards Tomorrow

Mindful Arts

PHSE Class Contract He’art’ work

Pupils enjoyed discussing how they can work in harmony with their peers over the course of the year. Their heart prints have been made into a class canvas to mark our commitment to working together as a class. 

Weekly Wellbeing Wednesday Art Sessions

As we welcomed back children after our third lockdown we wanted to do something really special with the whole school to support they wellbeing and give them the opportunity to see children in other classes and be involved in a collaborative project together.


As part of our wellbeing focus Mrs Liddle shares a carefully selected book in her headteachers assembly every Monday.  It is from this book that we take inspiration and create an afternoon of art inspired by the illustrations.


Miss Hall hosts this weekly session via google classroom where she shares new art skills and techniques using a range of mediums whilst developing new language.  


Books we've explored so far include:

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