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Safety Works

Safety Works 1
Safety Works 2
Safety Works 3
Safety Works 4
Safety Works 5
Safety Works 6
Safety Works 7
Safety Works 8
Safety Works 9
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Thank you Hawkhirst, we have had a great time.

Thank you Hawkhirst, we have had a great time. 1

Jacobs Ladder

Jacobs Ladder 1
Jacobs Ladder 2
Jacobs Ladder 3
Jacobs Ladder 4
Jacobs Ladder 5
Jacobs Ladder 6
Jacobs Ladder 7
Jacobs Ladder 8
Jacobs Ladder 9
Jacobs Ladder 10
Jacobs Ladder 11
Jacobs Ladder 12

Paddle Boarding

Tomahawk Throwing

Tomahawk Throwing 1
Tomahawk Throwing 2
Tomahawk Throwing 3
Tomahawk Throwing 4
Tomahawk Throwing 5
Tomahawk Throwing 6
Tomahawk Throwing 7

Hawkhirst Residential 2018

Hawkhirst Residential 2018 1
Hawkhirst Residential 2018 2
Hawkhirst Residential 2018 3
Hawkhirst Residential 2018 4
Hawkhirst Residential 2018 5
Hawkhirst Residential 2018 6
Hawkhirst Residential 2018 7
Hawkhirst Residential 2018 8

Birds of Prey

Birds of Prey 1
Birds of Prey 2
Birds of Prey 3
Birds of Prey 4
Birds of Prey 5
Birds of Prey 6

Lightwater Valley

After months of hard work leading up to the SAT's, Year 6 were rewarded with a day out at Lightwater Valley.

From thrill rides to water rides; high rides and low rides; fast rides and slow rides, the children had a fantastic day, and as usual, were beautifully behaved.  Everyone had a go at something and all enjoyed this end of SAT's treat.


And that's it - all home safe and sound.

The children have had a wonderful time at Hawkhirst and I am sure will treasure the memories for a long time to come. They have been great fun to be with; faced many challenges and have shown a lovely caring and kind attitude to their peers.

A massive thank you to the staff at Hawkhirst who have kept your children fed, safe and entertained.


Zip wire and Crate Stacking

Zip wire and Crate Stacking 1
Zip wire and Crate Stacking 2
Zip wire and Crate Stacking 3

Cameron's speedy descent.

Still image for this video

Soundbite - let's hear from the children.

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What a busy day! The children started off by building their own rafts and sailing across the water, they all got wet but not wet enough. After dismantling the rafts they jumped into the cold reservoir...brrr.

In the afternoon they raced against time up the climbing wall and made a structure out of wood and rope.  During this activity some cheeky monkeys snaffled the iPad and decided selfies are the way to go!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10
Picture 11
Picture 12
Picture 13
Picture 14
Picture 15


Abseiling 1
Abseiling 2

Wednesday am. Bell boats

Wednesday am. Bell boats 1
Wednesday am. Bell boats 2
Wednesday am. Bell boats 3

Chillin at Miss Tahir's card school

Tuesday pm Birds of Prey Centre

Tuesday pm  Birds of Prey Centre 1
Tuesday pm  Birds of Prey Centre 2


Good morning. 

It is wet and windy today but this does not stop the super sixteen from having fun. Whilst group one are orienteering, group two are warm and snug indoors playing with bows and arrows. 


Archery 1
Archery 2
Archery 3
Archery 4
Archery 5
Archery 6
Archery 7
Archery 8
Archery 9
Archery 10
Archery 11
Archery 12
Archery 13
Archery 14
Archery 15
Archery 16

Hawkhirst 2017


It's the annual residential trip for Year 6 and once again we are off the the excellent scout camp - Hawkhirst, Keilder.

We have a lot of activities planned which include:-Bell boating, Canoeing and Raft Building; Zip Wire, Orienteering and Hiking; Archery, Climbing and Campfire.  We are also visiting the wonderful Birds of Prey Centre; which is always a treat.

Watch this space for photographs. 

Here at last!

Here at last! 1

Lightwater Valley


After working so hard this year, the class enjoyed a relaxing (spinning,  whizzing, climbing, dropping, sliding) day out.  The children, accompanied by Miss Hall, Mrs Slater, Mr Curry and Mrs Wilding, had a fantastic day; the weather was dull but dry, ideal for a day at the theme park.  The children were adventurous and challenged themselves to attempt rides that they normally would not go on, with mixed results and a small bout of sickness!

Once again, the children made us very proud with their attitude and exceptional behaviour - they are a pleasure to take out.

Lightwater Valley

Lightwater Valley 1
Lightwater Valley 2
Lightwater Valley 3
Lightwater Valley 4
Lightwater Valley 5
Lightwater Valley 6
Lightwater Valley 7

Take a look at what we have been up to.


Hawkhirst 2016



Our final day at the wonderful Hawkhirst.  After packing our suitcases and bagging our wet clothes and wellies it is time for our final activities.  We are off to the activity barn for a spot of archery and some problem solving.  

It has been a great week, we have learned a lot about ourselves and our class mates.  We have bonded, learned how to challenge ourselves and most importantly, work as a team.  Mrs Slater, Mrs Anderson and Miss Hall would like to thank all the children for being wonderful, you have made us all laugh and we feel immensely proud of your achievements , however big or small.



An excellent day!  This morning we were out on the canoes, paddling across the reservoir to the island.  We played 'camouflage' which is a bit like hide and seek and then paddled back to shore.  It was fun but very tiring.  this afternoon we attempted to conquer Jacobs Ladder, it was really hard as the rungs get further and further apart, the higher you go.  Rhiannan was the champion, reaching rung seven, well done.  We also had a great time orienteering through the forest and grounds of Hawkhirst.  Tonight we are gathering around the campfire for songs and games, let's hope the rain stops!



 Today is the day for a good soaking.  No, it is not raining, it is time to build a raft!  We split into two teams and had to learn how to build a raft with logs, rope and plastic barrels.  It was hard work and took a lot of thinking about.  Eventually we launched our rafts and unfortunately one of them malfunctioned (video coming soon).  Before we could leave for lunch, we all had to submerge ourselves into the lake...Brrrr!

The children were very excited for the afternoon activities - Zip Wire and Abseiling.  It was an afternoon of great achievement and self challenge as many of the children faced their fears, we left feeling extremely proud of each and every one of them.



After a good nights sleep and a full English breakfast, we were off to our first activities of the day.  We were split into two groups, one crate stacking whilst the other attempted the climbing wall.  It was cold and wet but we did have a great time.  Our stars of the morning were Amber and Jay who both managed to reach the top of the climbing wall - well done, they are both very proud.  After lunch we walked to the Birds of Prey Centre.  It was fabulous.  We fed and held the birds, the funniest moment was when the Black Kite flew off with Mackenzie's hat.  Tonight we are off crawling in the mud - in the dark!  Goodnight xx



We arrived safe and sound at around 2.30pm and after dropping our bags off, it was straight out onto the bell boats. We had to row across the lake to the island and after a short rest, row back again.  It was great fun, but very tiring.  A quick change of clothes and it was time for tea - burger and chips followed by chocolate fudge cake - yummy! We finished off our day with a visit to the activity barn for some team building games. We are really looking forward to tomorrow for a fun packed day of climbing, crate stacking, birds of prey centre and finally night line.

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Picture 2
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Picture 97


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Wolf Blood

Ten lucky children from Year 6 were selected to visit the Baltic Art Centre to the premiere showing of the new Wolf Blood series. The children walked down the red carpet towards the cinema and like real celebrities, some of the children were interviewed by CBBC presenters. The children settled down and enjoyed watching two episodes of Wolf Blood, accompanied by a packet of popcorn. A great evening which was enjoyed by children and staff alike.


"I loved meeting all the cast and can't wait to see myself on tv!" - Madison

"A great opportunity..." - Lewis

"I thought it was a really exciting day..." - Liam

"I met the wonderful cast and asked them questions about the show." - Ally

"The Wolf Blood premiere was the most fun I have had..." - Prawin

"My favourite part of the new episode was when I saw 4 of the characters sitting on the Pit Heap." - Natalia

"What I really enjoyed was watching the cast doing questions and answers." - Faye

"It was the most fun I have had... I was interviewd by Peter Ramsey from Blue Peter!" - Morgan

"I really enjoyed the experience especially walking down the red carpet." - Reece


Safety Works

The children were invited to attend a Safety Works session in Newcastle.  They were shown scenarios of different places, including - back lanes, inside a house, Metro Station, roads and a police station and were made aware of how to keep safe whilst in these environments.  They were told how vandalism and fire can ruin lives and made aware of the consequences in the police station.  The children all learnt a lot from this visit and hopefully will remember how to keep themselves and others safe when out and about.

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Picture 2
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