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Multi-Skills May 2019 

The children had a great time at the multi-skills festival on 21st May 2019.  They did lots of fun activities.  The event was organised by the year 6 children from Carr Hill Primary school.  

All of the children learned new skills  during their time there. 

Beamish Visit 

We had an amazing time visiting Beamish Museum.  Take a look at our photos. 

Out and About

Multi Sports Festival 

We went on a visit to Gateshead Leisure Centre to take part in a multi sports festival.  We did a carousel of sports activities. We used balls, hoops, hockey sticks and lots of other sporting equipment.  We had a fantastic time!


Autumn Walk 

The Autumn is a stunning time of year to go for a walk. With changing leaves falling to the ground, crunchy walkways, misty, red, golden and glowing skies, conkers waiting to burst open ready to be discovered by little hands, squirrels scurrying around preparing for the winter ahead and a whole palette of colours spreading across the landscape… it’s a real feast for the senses. Walking encourages development of gross motor skills and helps maintain good muscle strength. It gets the body moving and helps children to stay healthy, even if it doesn’t feel like exercise to them.

So on Tuesday afternoon KS1 went out on an autumn walk.  They went out looking for acorns, conkers and other items linked to autumn.  They had a wonderful time. 

KS1 Athletics Festival

10 children from KS1 went to Gateshead Leisure Centre for an athletics festival. They enjoyed participating in all of the fun activities around the sports hall. They did running, jumping and throwing. They had a great time. 

Plants Around School


We have been learning about plants in Year 2. During our science lessons we have been looking at how plants grow. We ventured around the school grounds to see all of our beautiful plants. 

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