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On Wednesday 6th December 2023, Juniper and Beech class went for a visit to St Alban's church to make Christingles.  Rev. Danie came for the walk with us which was lovely.  As our chair of governors, she likes to support the school as much as possible.  We had a fantastic afternoon. 





































RE Visit - St John's Church



On Thursday 24th March, Key Stage 1 children and staff went for a visit to St John's Church in Sheriff Hill.   It was a lovely afternoon for a walk and Rev. Danie came along and walked with us. 

We went to visit the church to find out more about Easter and what happened during Holy Week.  Rev. Danie taught us a great song and told us the story.  We had a wonderful time looking around the church.  For some of us, it was the first time we had been to a church. 



Geography - Following a Map of the Local Area

We have been out of school today! What a great time we had laugh.  We used our maps to walk around Beacon Lough East. 








We looked at all of the buildings along our route and added them to the map when we got back to school. 

We made a key at the bottom of the map so that other people could understand what we did. 


Gateshead Fire Station

What do you do when the children want to learn about fire?

Book a visit to the local fire station!

Today the children in KS1 had the fantastic opportunity to visit Gateshead Fire Station. 

When we arrived we were met by one of the firefighters. We went through the station to the engine room. There was 3 engines in the station and then another one came later. 

We learned lots about the fire engines and what to do if there is a fire. 

Later in the visit we got to play! 

It was great fun. We tried on safety clothes and boots, we played with very powerful hoses and played about in the engine. 

Thank you Sarah for a fantastic day out. 

Autumn Walk 

We went out and about on our estate.  It was great fun.  We were joined by reception class and our student adults.  It was a lovely afternoon!

We collected conkers and leaves to use in the classroom.  Miss Ingham was very happy to find her first ever conker. 

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