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A little bit about Kidsafe...

The Kidsafe programme deals with building children’s confidence, self esteem and equips them with effective skills to deal with unsafe situations. Kidsafe   enables children to value themselves, others and helps them to make wise and healthy choices in their lives. Kidsafe teaches children to recognise abuse of all types and helps to prevent it happening in the first place. They learn what is appropriate and what is not appropriate.


Topics covered during the course include:- Raising self confidence; feelings and talking about our feelings; bullying; respecting our bodies; inappropriate touching; secrets; communication skills; assertion – saying No; computer/internet safety; age ratings on DVDs and computer games; how it feels to hear arguing; looking after our mental health and emotional well-being.


Ofsted & KCSIE 2022 place a heavy focus on preventative education to ensure children are taught about safeguarding including online safety, this builds onto Ofsted safeguarding requirements. Take a look at our floor book to find out more about our age-appropriate, preventative children’s mental health and safeguarding curriculum which is carried out from Year 1 to Year 6.


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