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Growing Towards Tomorrow

Science Day 2020

Science Day was GREAT!

We did science experiments and learning all day.  There is so much more we can learn and will continue to do so. 

Science Day Activity Afternoon

What a fantastic afternoon this was! 

During the afternoon there was a carousel of activities set up in the school hall.  The activities were: 



Egg Drop Challenge

Make something to protect your egg when it is dropped from the top of a ladder. Will your egg survive? 

The Light Bulb Challenge

Make a circuit using wires, batteries and a bulb.  Can you make the bulb light up?

Build a Boat 

Build a boat that will float and hold coins.  How much did your boat hold?

Design a Glider 

Design and make a glider using the resources available.  How far did your glider travel? 

Science Game Station

Using the iPads, have a try of some of our science programmes and games online. 

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