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Autumn 1

We Will Round You

Rounding numbers can be a tricky concept.  The children in Elm class have been learning to round numbers up to 4 digits. 

The children are taught 4 or less you let it rest, 5 or more you raise the score. 

This was a good way for them to remember it. 


Autumn 2

Children are learning to multiply and divide by 10, 100 and 1000. We used a place value grid at first to represent the digits moving the correct amount of places. 

Summer 1
During maths, children have been learning how to divide a whole number by 10 or 100. We enjoyed a lesson using place value grids and writing on the tables to show how the digits move. 

To consolidate their learning, children in Elm enjoyed an active maths lesson in the sun. They worked in teams to run and collect a rounding card, solve it in their team and return to collect another. All children thoroughly enjoyed doing their maths lesson on the school field and practicing their rounding.

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