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In Year 5 we are currently doing an art topic called Cityscapes.  This is based around the idea of 3D Pop Art.

Have you heard of the artist Charles Fazzino?

Charles Fazzino is an American artist, who was born in New York. He studied at the school of Visual Arts in Manhattan and is best known for his 3D silkscreen prints. Charles Fazzino creates 3D-looking prints of cityscapes. He has made many cityscapes of New York, which display a bright, cartoon-like image. We call this type of art 3D Pop art.  Pop art is based on modern culture. Artists use images from the media and interests of people to create modern art work. 3D Pop art is Fazzino’s creation. He used the Pop art theme to design bright, popular images. He then made these images 3D in his work.


Take a look at some of our finished 3D Pop Art Cityscapes.  This is just the beginning.  Come back to see more! 


Year 5 have created Christmas calendars by painting with water colours. 

Christmas Calendars

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