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Year 6 SATS Booster Sessions - Every Tuesday

Dear Year 6  Parent/Guardian

As you are aware, your child is currently preparing for their summer SATS tests in Reading, Writing and Maths.  We aim to reduce the level of pressure the children undergo by ensuring they are fully prepared for the tests through booster classes during school time and with the addition of an hour booster session after school.
Their first booster session will take place on Tuesday 23rd January from 3.15-4.15pm.  Pupils are allowed to bring a small snack (crisps, cereal bar, fruit) and drink to the session. 
Please make every effort to ensure your child attends all sessions.  Should your child not be able to attend, can you please see Miss Hall asap to organise additional homework/booster catch up to ensure they do not fall behind.

Thank you for your continued support.  Please do not hesitate to contact the school regarding any questions about SATS preparation.

Miss Hall

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