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Mrs Clarke Rocks! 27.3.18

Dear Parents/Carers

Larkspur’s school council would like to invite you to the following event on Tuesday 27th March:

Mrs Clarke Rocks!!

This year the school council’s project is to rejuvenate our school memorial garden.

Two years ago, our Deputy Head Teacher, Mrs Clarke, sadly passed away after losing her brave battle with cancer.  Mrs Clarke was a wonderful and inspiring teacher to us all as well as a caring friend and colleague to members of staff.  To honour her memory a garden was created containing a special seat for Mrs Clarke.

Our memorial garden also serves as a place to visit and remember people dear to us who we have lost; making it of great value to the children.  It is a peaceful place to spend time in and find comfort in our memories

Due to many spells of bad weather the garden is in need of tender loving care.

To make our garden bright and beautiful we are going to paint rocks with colourful patterns, pictures and inspiring messages.  These will then be used to encircle the area containing Mrs Clarke’s memorial seat.

On Tuesday 27th March we are holding a ‘Mrs Clarke Rocks’ Memorial Day where we are inviting you to come and work with your child in the school hall and paint rocks. We would greatly appreciate it if you could join in this event. It would also be lovely to see past pupils attending and adding to our garden.

Year Group                       Time Slot
Nursery and Reception     9:30 – 10:30
Year 5 and 6                    10:45 – 11:45
Year 1 and 2                    1:05 – 2:05
Year 3 and 4                    2:10 – 3:10

As we will be using acrylic paint, which does not wash off clothes, we would be grateful if you could send some old clothes into school with your child for them to paint in.  We hope that you will join us and enjoy working with your children.

Thank You.

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