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Science - Crime Scene Investigation!


Year 6 have been enlisted to investigate the theft of a teacher's laptop.  They are using all their scientific knowledge and understanding of 'Light' to try to solve the crime.  Take a look at their first investigation afternoon...


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Spring Term:

This term we will be studying how to create atmosphere and suspense in our writing. We will share together extracts from 'Skellig' by David Almond developing Talk 4 Writing skills through storymapping, imitation, innovation and independent application.


Autumn Term:

In Year 6 we are currently reading The Hobbit.  Our English lessons are based around the settings, characters and adventures.  We are using Talk 4 Writing techniques to develop our creative writing skills. 


Want to catch up or read ahead?  Click on the link below to find all chapters!






During our first week we have been explored incredibly large numbers!  We can now read, write and represent numbers to 10 million!

Geography - North America

We're going map crazy with our new 'North America' project.  Finding the 23 countries and their matching flags was a real challenge.  Can you name them all? 

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