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Welcome to our Science home page.  This section is designed to keep our pupils, parents and Larkspur Community up to date with the current key priorities within Science, our exciting plans for the forthcoming academic year and how you can work with us to achieve these goals.


This year's key priorities:

To improve the learning and teaching of science with a particular focus on practical investigations and scientific enquiry.


We will aim to achieve this by:

  • Regular scientific investigations will be carried out in all classes to help build and develop children's scientific enquiry skills.
  • Science lessons will be taught weekly for at least one full afternoon to ensure children have the opportunity to build on their skills.
  • Planting more greenery and flowers, with the children, in the outdoor play areas and giving them responsibility for caring for and maintaining them.
  • Developing a Discovery Den within the Early Years outdoor area to encourage the children from a young age to explore and investigate.
  • To build on our range of science resources to ensure children have as many opportunities as possible to 'work scientifically' and gain hands on practical experiences within the science curriculum.


Current Developments in Science:

We love Science!

During our recent 'We Love Larkspur' day one the the sessions undertaken by groups was Science.

The session began with a bang with a quick experiment using diet coke and mentos:



Next using three simple ingredients of cornflour, water and food colouring (optional) we made our own slime.  It was amazing!!  We explored how it felt runny when held or touched gently but turned solid when we applied pressure.


Then the children greatly enjoyed moving between 6 additional experiments independently.  At each activity they found equipment, instructions and details of the Science behind what they were seeing.

Dancing Raisins

Skittles Rainbow

Milk and Food Colouring Patterns

Electrical Circuits

Holes in a bag of water

It's a Bugs Life!


The children have been busy in the Early Years helping to make a bug hotel.  We recycled logs, stones, cuts of wood and twigs that we found around the school to make a lovely 5* hotel for all the local bugs!  Children throughout the school are welcome to visit and see what inhabitants they can find.

We have recently invested in a new scheme of work for Science called Plan Bee.  A copy of the long term and mid term plans can be found below.

Plan Bee Science Schemes of Work

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