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Larkspur Community Primary School

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The Curriculum


The curriculum we follow for French is based on the KS2 Framework for Languages which is the core document of the National Language Strategy.


We apply the five strands of the Framework:


  • Strand 1   Oracy  - listening and speaking.
  • Strand 2   Literacy – read and write French
  • Strand 3   Intercultural Understanding
  • Strand 4   Knowledge about Language
  • Strand 5   Language Learning Strategies


The core strands (1,2, and 3) are progressive and all five strands are interdependent.


We use the North Tyneside Primary MFL ‘Pathfinder’ materials, and interactive programs to deliver the curriculum.


We teach the children to know and understand how to:


  • use correct pronunciation and intonation
  • ask and answer questions
  • work in pairs and groups to communicate
  • interpret meaning
  • memorise vocabulary
  • look at life in another culture

French Long Term Plan

  • Search
  • Translate