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Computing at Larkspur



The ICT curriculum has changed quite considerably and now requires the children to learn how to use code, write algorithms and debug programs.   We have (and are still exploring) different and exciting ways in which to teach this to our children.  Year 1 start off by playing simple games and programming toys and Year 2 are introduced to simple programming through block code.  As the children progress up the school they will learn to debug and write their own code through Scratch and Kodu.  We have purchased several Raspberry Pi's which will be used in upper Key Stage 2 to teach physical computing.


Text and Multimedia

We have a number of programs which enables the children to produce a variety of presentations.  Purple Mash provides children with simple writing frames which enables them to produce leaflets, newspaper articles, documents etc. Textease  provides numerous programs for publishing, painting and movie making in a simplistic form and leads to the more complex programs provided by Microsoft Office.  


Digital Imagery

The children love using the computer to view themselves.  We, therefore, have incorporated several programs into our Curriculum to support the children in their creative explorations.  

Drawing - children love drawing on the computer.  We have a good range of programs which allow them express their artistic flair - from 2Simple projects through to more advanced drawing tools on Paint and Artweaver. 


Photographs - we have several cameras and web cams which the children can use to capture images, they can then enhance and change them with Pizap, Picasa and Tuxpi.  Upper KS2 enjoy using Comic Life to produce comic strips.


Video - The children at Larkspur begin to make simple movies with stills (drawn or photograph) in KS1, they add sound effects and music where appropriate.  By KS2 they are creating more advanced movies on Textease Movie Maker and then moving on to Windows Movie Maker, incorporating effects, music and trimming clips.  


We have 15 mini i pads which have a multitude of uses within class.

A full schedule of progression can be viewed below.

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