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Year 4 – Maple

Welcome to the Year 4 Classroom

Picture 1 Mrs Mills

 Mrs Mills

Mrs Mills has been part of Larkspur school for 12 years. Mrs Mills has taught across the key stages and after spending 6 years in Year 1 is now back in Year 4. She was also a student here before joining the team. Mrs Mills is a very creative teacher who uses her creativity to engage her students. She also works very hard and loves making new displays. In her free time Mrs Mills loves spending time with her grandchildren. 



Jarrow Hall

We had a wonderful day at Jarrow Hall.  This was a great insight into how the Anglo-Saxons lived.  We even got to speak to an Anglo-Saxon man!


In Geography we have been learning about map reading.  We have been looking at where different countries and continents are and how to find them.  

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