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Times Table Focus

Maths Milkshake Cafe

As an incentive for learning our times tables we have a new club starting.  Once a month we have Maths Milkshake Cafe for children who have learned a set of times tables.

After a test and agreement from their teacher they can attend the cafe and enjoy a refreshing milk shake and a game of times table bingo for prizes.


Times Tables Focus

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Knowing your times tables is very important.  We don't always realise how much we use times tables in everyday life. 


  • Learning basic times tables will make it easier to learn more challenging ones – for example if children know their 3 times tables, they will be able to work out their 6 times tables by doubling the answer.

  • Multiplication underpins many other aspects of mathematics such as algebra, division and fractions – an early understanding of multiplication will help children right up to GCSE level and beyond.
  • Recalling times tables improves memory skills, which is a transferrable skill that will help children throughout school and into adult life.
  • Multiplication is used day to day throughout adulthood, whether it’s working out price reductions, doubling recipes or splitting bills!


This is just to mention a few reasons why we should all know times tables. 


In school we use Times Table Rock Stars and Hit the Button to practice as well as doing rapid recall in class and practicing them for homework. 

Click the links below to try out Hit the Button.  How fast are you? 


Click here to try Hit the Button 



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