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Termly Topics

Spring Term


In English this term we are:

  •  Reading and researching Beowulf 
  • Writing a defeating a monster tale with build up, problem resolution and ending. 
  • Role playing our stories
  • Using fronted adverbials to open sentences
  • Describing characters using powerful adjectives
  • Speech and punctuation work 
  • Non chronological reports about an animal we admire. (tying in with our science topic).



In maths this term we are revisiting:

  • Place value
  • Addition and subtraction
  • Multiplication and division 



In science this term we are learning about:

  • Sound 
  • Animals and habitats



In history we are studying the Anglo Saxons again this term.  Following our fab visit to Jarrow Hall we will be continuing our study.

We will also be looking at Ancient civilisations.  We will travel back in time to develop our knowledge and skills in the topic of ancient civilisations. 



In geography we are learning about  Village Settlers.  We will be finding out:

  • How villages got their names?
  • Why were they built there?
  • Features and symbols associated with them.



In our computing lessons we will be looking at:

  • algorithms to create games.



In art we will be studying Picasso.  We will be looking at Cubism techniques to create Picasso style painting using shape. 



In design and technology we will be designing  and making a recipe from Seasonal food. Anglo-Saxons made and prepared dishes based around the seasons.  Children will design, make and evaluate a typical Anglo-Saxon dish.  



In music this term we will be exploring rhythmic patterns. 



Year 4 are learning how to speak Italian. We are learning the alphabet and more about the Italian language.  



In RE we are learning about:

  • Judaism 
  • Christianity



This term Year 4 will continue to have a weekly swimming lesson.

We will also be developing other skills in P.E. with a sports coach supporting. 



We will continue to cover and discuss topics that are in the news and local community. We will also look at the topic  Just say No!. 


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